East Meets West #Slyza #Dabuka

04.03.17 We hosted our very first East meets West run with the sole aim to help build the run crew culture in Soweto firstly and Johannesburg as a whole. We invited the East Run Cru and sent extended invitation to the Braamfie Runner and the running exchange from The Vaal. 

As Thesis Run Cru we believe that we all have to start somewhere and every kilometer will increase on day. For the day we had dedicated 5km,7km & 10km routes and we aim to keep these routes for future runs and the development of people who come to run with us. 

All images courtesy of @lindaeltoro 

All images courtesy of @lindaeltoro 

Dada movement

From its very inception in 1915, the Dada movement has always been heavily influenced by non-European cultures. It was founded in the Cabaret Voltaire, Hugo Ball’s infamous Zurich nightclub; an institution run by a group of anarchic artists and writers who met for soirées of radical music, spoken word and masked dance performances – rituals that reenacted African ceremonies – designed to push the limits of the performers and their audiences.

All artwork by Hannah Hoch.